Thunderbird Custom Xenon Fog Lights – 2002-2005



Thunderbird Custom Xenon Fog Lights – 2002-2005  – Upgrade your Thunderbird’s stock supplemental driving lights with our ‘Super-Bright’ Xenon  lights and enjoy astonishing increased visibility in both daytime and nighttime driving!  Most 2002-2005 Thunderbirds included supplemental parking lights (SPLs) as a no-cost option.  These lights are often mistakenly called ‘Driving Lights’ or ‘Fog Lights,’ but are very dim and provide little or no extra illumination.  Our new Thunderbird ‘SuperBrights’ fit into the stock factory openings in the front bumper and vastly outperform the weak OEM lights. Unlike the Ford factory lights which have plastic lenses, ours feature hardened glass lenses for greater durability and strength.

Our lights feature a fog and driving, light-on-road pattern fused with high-visibility blue accent lights and utilize 300w Xenon lamps which can be easily seen in virtually any light including direct sunlight.  Our kit  includes everything needed for installation and doesn’t require extensive modification.  The specially-designed  3-function switch  blends cleanly into any flat surface either within reach or out of sight,  and is compatible with the factory wiring and  light controls.  No other parts or wiring components  required.  Don’t spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours fabricating complicated ‘one-off’ fog/driving lights to replace your stock lights when our kit gives you superior custom results for a fraction of the price and can be installed even if your Thunderbird came without the factory supplemental lights.  Features include:

(2x) 55 Watt 4100K Xenon Lamps
Built-in 10,000K Parking Lights
Thick Die-Cast Metal Housings
Photometrically Designed Hardened Glass Lenses
3 Function Mini Factory Style Switch (BL-SW11)
Complete Wiring Kit with Fuse & Relay
Photo Installation Directions

Product Description

Ford Thunderbird fog lamps can cost upwards of $396 + Installation. BlingLights fog lamps install within the factory fog lamp spots, outperform the factory fog lamps and cost less guaranteed. Your favorite ride never looked so good.

More Than Improved Visibility