2002-2005 Thunderbird Hard Top Hoist



2002-2005 Thunderbird Hard Top Hoist. Tired of wrestling with your Thunderbird’s hard top?  Want to enjoy top down driving but hate the hassle of removing and storing that heavy and bulky hard top?  Here’s the answer!  Our hardtop hoist makes removing and putting it back on a breeze.  Custom designed especially for the 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird, our hoist system lifts your hard top quickly and easily and holds it in place until you’re ready to put it back on.  Unlike other models which require cumbersome ‘fishing and threading’ of the rear strap attachment, ours clips easily to the read edge of the hard top.  Specially designed lift bar won’t damage or pinch the factory weatherstripping, and hold your hard top safely and securely while not in use.  Installs easily and includes brake winch system for easy, one-person operation.  In stock for immediate shipment.