2002-2005 Thunderbird Borla Performance Exhaust System – ON SALE NOW!

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Borla Stainless Steel performance exhaust system



2002-2005 Thunderbird Borla Performance Exhaust System – The most popular performance upgrade for the 2002-2005 Thunderbird ever!

Unlock your Thunderbird’s hidden power and add up to 15 horsepower  to your Thunderbird quickly and easily  with our Borla   ‘cat-back’ performance exhaust system. Gives your Thunderbird a smooth, deep resonant exhaust tone, and the distinctive beveled exhaust tips add style to go along with the increased power.   Superior quality  stainless steel construction won’t rust or corrode and carries an unbeatable one million  mile warranty.    Bolt-on installation means no cutting or welding, IMPORTANT NOTE: System for the 2002 is different from the 2003-2005 system.  PLEASE SPECIFY THE YEAR OF YOUR THUNDERBIRD FOR THE CORRECT FIT.


Q. How much horsepower can I expect to gain?

An engine is an air pump, and BORLA®’s exhaust system allows the engine to pump and flow more uninterrupted air. The actual horsepower increase depends upon the fuel management system’s ability to provide the right amount of fuel to match the extra air flow; 5 to 15% increases are not uncommon. Under racing conditions, our XR-1® collector mufflers actually make more horsepower than an open exhaust!

Q. How does FLOW affect performance and sound?

BORLA® exhaust systems’ patented, straight-through design increases exhaust gas velocity and moves more uninterrupted air through the engine. Since there are no restrictions, exhaust gases evacuate the cylinder completely, thereby allowing the new charge to come into the cylinder and create more power. The result is a larger volume of torque from the engine as well as an enhanced exhaust tonal quality.

Q. Will I get better gas mileage?

Yes, a better performing engine uses less fuel more efficiently, increasing fuel economy under normal cruising conditions. BORLA®’s patented flow through design and proper diameter mandrel bent tubing evacuate the exhaust gases out the system much faster and at a much greater temperature than factory exhaust. This results in performance gains in HP when you plant your foot and fuel economy at cruising speeds. And, the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the engine, the bigger the load, the bigger the savings in fuel. That’s why UPS delivery trucks are BORLA®-equipped!

Q. Why does it cost more?

The most commonly used metals in the manufacture of exhaust systems are rusty mild steel, aluminized steel or an inferior 400-series stainless. BORLA® uses only high quality authentic stainless steel. It costs more than the other lesser grades of steel. To cut, bend and hand weld this grade of stainless steel takes special equipment too. Ask your local muffler shop if they can make a smooth, precision mandrel bend in a 2.50″ 201 or 304 Stainless Steel pipe for you. You won’t find many that can, and it won’t be cheap. We also focus heavily on research and development to assure that the system fits, performs and sounds better than any other system on the market. Add to this pressure testing, our Million-Mile Warranty and the years of race winning technology that go into the systems made at BORLA®, and you will see why we have so many loyal, repeat customers. A BORLA® is actually very cost effective when you take into account the fact that most exhaust systems will need replacement within 18 months to 4 years while a BORLA® exhaust is designed to last the life of your vehicle.

Q. What does it sound like?

BORLA® Cat Back™ systems have a deeper, throatier tone than stock. Our engineers take care in designing and tuning the systems with the mellow sound of power, aggressive yet elegant. Picture yourself driving down the road and turning up the bass on your stereo system but not changing the volume. That’s what BORLA® sounds like!

Q. Will it void my factory warranty?

NO. Some cars even have BORLA® systems as the OEM exhaust. All of our street Cat-Back™s™, Rear Sections and Mufflers are 50-state emissions legal. In fact, it is illegal for a dealer to deny you the OE warranty because you have changed the exhaust system.

If your vehicle manufacturer fails to honor emission/warranty claims, contact EPA at (202) 260-2080 or  If federal warranty protection is denied, contact the FTC at (202) 326-3128 or


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