2003-2005 OEM Thunderbird Soft Boot -Convertible Top Cover


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2003-2005 OEM Thunderbird Soft Boot -Convertible Top Cover – This is an OEM Ford Thunderbird part which was standard equipment for all 2002 Thunderbirds.  Long since discontinued by Ford, and nearly impossible to find brand new, this convertible top cover is considered by many Thunderbird owners to be the best soft boot of any of the 2002-2005 Thunderbirds and will fit all model years from ’02-’05.  This superior quality cover is well padded for proper shape and a handsome tailored appearance, and  features snap fasteners and tabs. Don’t settle for flimsy inferior-quality aftermarket reproductions made of flimsy, inexpensive vinyl.  This is a used original Ford factory OEM Thunderbird part in excellent undamaged condition.  Very limited supplies available.