Thunderbird Wind Blocker – 2002-2005 T-Bird


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Thunderbird Wind Blocker – 2002-2005 T-Bird – Love top-down driving but hate the annoying wind swirling around?  We’ve got the perfect solution.  Our new Wind Blocker eliminates up to 75% of ‘backdraft’ wind.  Great-looking and easy to install this must-have accessory looks like a factory option instead of an aftermarket ‘add-on.’  Unlike other wind blockers that are made of thin plexiglass and can crack or become discolored, ours utilizes a mesh fabric design that actually diffuses wind rather than just diverting it around the sides.  Ours attaches with secure unique clamps instead of flimsy velcro straps.  This allows you to adjust your seats without distorting or altering the position of the wind block screen. Best of all, there’s no need to remove our wind block when you raise or lower your convertible soft top.  In stock for immediate delivery.