Thunderbird Soft Top Latch Repair Kit – 2002-2005




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Thunderbird Soft Top Latch Repair Kit – 2002-2005 – If you’ve had problems with your soft top’s latches, we have the solution … the first complete kit that includes all the parts and components you’ll need to get your soft top latches working like new!

The Thunderbird’s convertible top latching mechanism is prone to problems, particularly the ‘J’ hooks, Pivot Arms, and Springs that are parts of the mechanism that secures the convertible top header to the windshield.  The two latches on either side have  spring-loaded hook mechanisms that include the ‘J’ hooks, ‘Pivot Arm’ , Bushings and small springs.  The most common problem is not the ‘J’ hook itself, but the small rectangular ‘Pivot Arm’ that hold the ‘J’ hooks in place.  The Ford factory OEM pin is made of soft metal and has a small ‘tail’ which is easily broken.  Unfortunately, Ford never offered these small, but critical components; pivot arms, hinge pins, springs or bushings separately. The complete  soft top header clamp, which lists for over $ 300, not including the labor to install it, has been discontinued by Ford and is no longer available.  Even when the clamp assembly was still available, the complete repair and replacement of the soft top clamp assembly, including labor, cost  $ 700 or more when performed by Ford and Lincoln/Mercury dealers.  We offer the only alternative  for broken latch mechanisms, pivot arms, bushings, hinge pins and springs, which will save you hundreds of dollars of expensive labor costs.

Our repair kit is available in five different variations depending on which parts you need.  We also offer the new ‘Pivot Arm’ separately.  This gives 2002-2005 Thunderbird owners the flexibility of buying only the parts required to repair one or both of your soft top latches. One kit includes two metal pivot pins and four bronze bushings, which replace the flimsy OEM plastic pieces for  a sturdy, reliable repair.  The other kits include either one or two replacement springs, two ‘Hinge Pins’ and either one or two of the small black ‘Pivot Arms.’  The Deluxe version of our repair kit includes all the parts required to repair/rebuild both soft top latch mechanisms, and each repair kit comes with a highly-detailed, fully-illustrated, 14-page instruction guide and also includes small wooden dowels to hold the hinge pin and bushings  in place during the installation process.  Our kits were developed for us by a Thunderbird owner who was frustrated with the high cost of the factory convertible top clamp assembly, and wanted a reliable and reasonably-priced alternative to the very expensive repair/replacement that Ford dealers performed.  Our detailed instructions will guide you step-by-step through the entire process of repairing and rebuilding your soft top latch mechanisms so you can get your 2002-2005 Thunderbird back on the road and enjoy top-down driving again soon!

Please specify the kit you need based on which parts need replacement:

  1. Kit # 1 – Four Bushings &  Two hinge pins
  2. Kit # 2 – Four Bushings, Two hinge pins & ONE Spring
  3. Kit # 3 – Four Bushings, Two hinge pins & TWO Springs
  4. Kit # 4 – Four Bushings, Two hinge pins, ONE Spring & ONE Pivot Pin
  5. Kit # 5 – Four Bushings, Two hinge pins, Two Springs & Two Pivot Pins
  6. Variation # 6 – ONE ‘Pivot Arm’ only
  7. Variation # 7 – TWO ‘Pivot Arms’ only

Our kit also includes a detailed 14-page instruction guide that will take through the repair process you step by step, saving you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary parts and labor at your Ford or Lincoln dealer.  Please note, this kit does not include the ‘J’ hooks (which themselves rarely break), but if you need them, they are available here separately:



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Kit Variation

4 Bushings, 2 Hinge pins, 4 Bushings, 2 Hinge pins & 1 Spring, 4 Bushings, 2 Hinge pins & 2 Springs, 4 Bushings, 2 Hinge pins, 1 Spring & 1 Pivot Pin, 4 Bushings, 2 Hinge pins, 2 Springs & 2 Pivot Pins, 1 'Pivot Arm' ONLY, 2 'Pivot Arms ONLY, 1 Spring ONLY