Thunderbird ‘Parking Pads’

$279.00 $249.00


Thunderbird ‘ Parking Pads.’  Prevent flat spots on the tires of your parked Thunderbird with our new ‘Parking Pads.’  If you’re like many other Thunderbird owners who live in cold-weather states, you probably put your T-Bird into ‘hibernation’ for the long Winter months.  But long-term parking can result in flat spots on your tires, causing uneven wear, vibration and a rough ride when you bring your car out in Spring.  ‘Parking Pads’ keep tires from flat spotting during long periods of storage.’Parking Pads’  they settle into the pad’s concave depression, which helps support more of the tire. This disperses the weight of the car more evenly onto the tire – helping to prevent any flat spotting. Parking Pads measure 22.3″ long x 3.5″ high x 14″ wide, and will accommodate tires up to 12″ wide.

Parking Pads are made with patented lightweight solid construction, will not conduct heat or cold into your tires despite changing floor temperatures, and are virtually indestructible. ‘Parking Pads’ textured coating prevents sliding across garage floors and won’t scratch or damage floors and won’t rust.  Set of four.