Thunderbird OEM Wiper Blade – 2002-2005





Thunderbird OEM Wiper Blade – 2002-2005 – Windshield wiper blades are one of the most overlooked auto replacement items, but one of the most important for driving safety.  Next to tires, wiper blades are exposed to the elements and get more wear than any other rubber component on your 2002-2005 Thunderbird.  Old, brittle or frayed wiper blades can make it difficult to see when driving in the rain and create a serious hazard to normal visibility.  Even when not in use, wipe blades deteriorate due to UV rays, temperature extremes, and contaminants in the air.  If you haven’t changed yours recently, you’re probably overdue for replacements. When it’s time to replace, choose genuine Ford Motorcraft wiper blades and keep your Thunderbird 100% original and stock, as it came from the factory,   Whether you show your Thunderbird in judged competitions or just use it as a daily driver for your own personal enjoyment, spend a few extra dollars for the best and the original Ford Motorcraft OEM replacement part.  Price is per blade.  Please specify blade location when ordering, Left or Right.  If you need a pair, order one of each.  In stock for immediate shipment.

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