Thunderbird OEM Vent Control Knob – 2002-2005



Thunderbird OEM Vent Control Knob – 2002-2005 – This is the small chrome-plated ‘bar’ used to adjust the direction of the louvers in the Thunderbird A/C-Heating vents.

This small part is prone to breaking off either from use or if it gets snagged or bumped accidentally. This is the genuine Ford OEM replacement part.

This interior trim part, along with hundreds of other OEM replacement parts for the 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird, are becoming increasingly difficult to find.  Over 90% of the original OEM Thunderbird parts are out of production, discontinued and no longer available.  Even if you don’t need one now, this part is a good item to purchase for future use, as they too will soon become unavailable.