Thunderbird Electronic Module Consultation – 2002-2005 Thunderbirds



Thunderbird Electronic Module Consultation – 2002-2005 Thunderbirds – Issues with defective Electronic Control Modules on the 2002-2005 Thunderbird are becoming increasingly common, and are frequently mis-diagnosed, even by Ford dealers.  The 2002-2005 Thunderbird has several modules including the PCM (Power Train Control Module), FEM (Front Electronic Module), REM (Rear Electronic Module, also called the Lighting Control Module).   The instrument cluster also contains an electronic module, which when it fails can cause a number of problems in addition to losing the cluster backlighting.

Most Thunderbird electronic modules are out of production and no longer available from Ford.  Some may be listed as ‘back ordered,’ however, many back ordered Ford parts will never become available again.  There are numerous online retailers who offer rebuilt, refurbished or remanufactured electronic modules.  Other companies offer repair services; you send them your defective module and they repair it and return it to you.

Replacing a defective Electronic Module is not a simple ‘off-the-shelf’ component replacement issue.  There are literally dozens of different and unique OEM Ford part numbers for what appears to be the same module.  Finding the correct replacement for your Thunderbird requires  not only the part number from the existing module, but also the ‘engineering number’ and the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).  Also, despite what some retailers may tell you, all replacement modules including the instrument cluster, will require re-programming, which only Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealers can perform.

Navigating the electron module world can be confusing, time-consuming and expensive.  And without expert advice you may find yourself replacing one module only to find that a different module was the actual source of the problem.  Or you may need more than one module replacement, and in some cases you may need an instrument cluster repair/rebuild in addition to one or more modules.  This is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ repair project.

To take the guesswork out of which module you need, and to guide you through the process of identifying and sourcing the correct module for your 2002-2005 Thunderbird, we offer a fee-based consultation service.  We will discuss the specific issues you’re having in detail, help identify the source of the problem and locate and supply the module(s) you need. We have access to every electronic module installed on the 2002-2005 Thunderbird and all our modules include a one-year warranty.

We charge a one-time consultation fee of $ 149, which will be applied to any module you purchase through us.  If you choose not to purchase the module from us, the $ 149 consultation fee is non-refundable.  Save yourself the wasted time and expense of trying to trouble shoot an electronic module issue on your own, and let us assist you in identifying the true source of your problem and supplying the correct module to get your Thunderbird back on the road!