Thunderbird Convertible Top ‘J’ Hook OEM – ’02-’05 Thunderbird



Thunderbird Convertible Top ‘J’ Hook OEM – ’02-’05 Thunderbird. – This is a Ford OEM replacement part for the ‘J’ hook that secures the convertible soft top to the windshield header.  This part may fall out if the small rectangular pivot pin breaks, making the soft top unusable.  If one or more of your ‘J’ hooks have broken loose and gotten lost, we have the  Ford factory OEM  replacement part.  These OEM ‘J’ hooks are in limited supply, and Ford’s list price has recently doubled to $ 92.15 each! Be prepared by buying one now and have it for future use even if your existing hooks are still intact.  The hook is threaded and installs easily in the convertible top header.  If your ‘J’ hooks are not the problem, you may need the small ‘pivot pins’ they attach to instead.  We also offer the pivot pins and bushings in our Soft Top Latch Repair Kit available separately here: