Thunderbird ‘Essence’ Wheels with Spinner Hubcap



Thunderbird ‘Essence’  Wheels with Spinner Hubcap – Here’s a great new custom wheel option for your 2002-2005 Thunderbird!  Our beautiful 10-Spoke wheels feature a brilliant chrome-plated finish and unique ‘3-Bar’ Spinner center caps with the Ford ‘Blue Oval’ logo. These distinctive 17″ diameter wheels are a perfect fit for your Thunderbird and use the same 5 x 108 bolt pattern as the OEM Thunderbird factory wheel.  But what really sets these gorgeous wheels apart from other Thunderbird wheel options is the unique ‘Spinner’ style center cap, complete with the Ford ‘Blue Oval’ logo.  You won’t find this wheel combination anywhere else, and its attention-grabbing appearance will put your Thunderbird in a class by itself.  Set of four includes lug nuts and spinner center caps.

Also available as a complete wheel and tire package.