Thunderbird Continental Kit -2002-2005 – Trunk-Mounted Style



TThunderbird  Continental Kit -2002-2005 – Trunk-Mounted Style –The perfect alternative to our ‘Classic Continental Kit.’ This kit adds elegance and style to your Thunderbird and provides a distinctive ‘Retro’ appearance.  A subtle yet handsome look. Attaches directly to the trunk lid without cutting or custom body work. Constructed of durable hand-laid fiberglass. Kit does not include the Thunderbird emblem, however, there is a recess in the kit to hold either a new trunk emblem or you can remove your existing emblem and reinstall it on the kit.  Comes ready to prime and paint.

If you need a new or additional Thunderbird ‘Wings’ Trunk emblem, click the following link:

Thunderbird ‘Wings’ Trunk Emblem – ’02-’05 T-Bird

Thunderbird ‘Wings’ Trunk Emblem – ’02-’05 T-Bird