California Car Duster – The Original!


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California Car Duster – The Original! – The California Car Duster revolutionized the car-care industry with its unique design and outstanding results.  The California car duster keeps your Thunderbird looking just washed with a quick once over without the need for water, sprays, or waxes.  The California car dusters has a special paraffin wax blend that is baked into the 100% cotton strands during production.  It’s this wax that allows the dusters to gently remove the dust from your vehicle without leaving any residue or scratches.

This is the premium wood handle model, and a perfect choice for the meticulous enthusiast who wants the best.  It has thicker strands and increased mop-head density over the Plastic Handle economy model, ensuring not a spec of dust escapes.  This also allows the duster to hold more dust, giving it a longer lifespan.

The California car dusters last many owners for years without cleaning or maintenance.  In fact, the original product catch-phrase was “The Dirtier They Get… The Better They Work!”  Now the catch-phrase is “Don’t Just Move Dust… Remove It!”  Both are true.  The dusters will turn brown and black and keep on picking up dust like magic!The duster features a hard wood handle emblazoned with the raised blue “The Original California Car Duster” logo.  The handle is sanded smooth and sealed in waterproof clearcoat.  The car duster also includes a bag with carrying handles and closable tab top.  The bag is perfect for storage or taking the duster on the go.  25″ long (mop-head 15″).

Don’t settle for inferior-quality imitations.  Get the best and the original California Car Duster and keep your 2002-2005 Thunderbird looking showroom-new all year long!