50th Anniversary OEM Dash Trim Kit – Cashmere S.E.



50th Anniversary OEM Dash Trim Kit – Cashmere S.E. – One of a Kind! The Ultimate Thunderbird Collector’s Item!

This is a custom-facbricated Dash Trim Kit exclusively for the 2004 Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Special Edition ‘Cashmere’ feature car.  This 10-piece kit is make from the same Ford factory material used for the door side panels and lower dash trim accent pieces, featuring repeating Thunderbird emblem theme on the bronze-tinted metal, and is an exact match for the Thunderbird OEM trim!  The company that produced the metal sheets for all 2002-2005 Thunderbird interior trim, Angell Manufacturing, discontinued making these trim sheets over ten years ago.  We acquired a very limited number of the trim sheet material from Angell, as supplied to Ford, and had them custom laser-cut to fit the Thunderbird’s dash center console.  This kit includes pieces for the dash ‘center stack,’ flat door armrests, and larger of the A/C vents in the upper dash.  This is an absolutely one-of-a-kind item and can never be reproduced again!  We have one, and only one kit available.  This is the finishing touch that Ford should have offered on all 2002-2005 Thunderbirds, but never did.  Our kit will make your 2005 50th Anniversary ‘Special Edition’ Cashmere Thunderbird  stand out from all the rest, and will astound other 50th Anniversary T-Bird owners. truly one-of-a-kind!  Free domestic shipping included.