2002-2005 Thunderbird ‘Gas Magic’ – Fuel Conditioner



2002-2005 Thunderbird ‘Gas Magic’ – Fuel Conditioner – Increase fuel economy and reduce engine wear with our new ‘DurAlt’ fuel conditioner.  Our ‘Gas Magic’ lets you use less expensive, lower-octane gasoline without knocking, pinging or loss of performance. Cleans valves and fuel injectors using a process of molecular bonding that increases engine life and boosts performance and fuel-burning efficiency.  One two-ounce bottle treats 100 gallons of fuel.  We’ve used this product in our own Thunderbirds for years with outstanding results … it really works!

 Three 2-ounce bottles for just $ 29.95 !

  • Increases fuel mileage an average of 8-12%
  • Reduces Octane Requirement by 3 to 4 numbers
  • Inhibits the formation of combustion chamber deposits
  • Protects against fuel system corrosion
  • Reduces engine maintenance costs